Harmonious Integration of Mind, Body & Spirit

Wellife Mind, Body, Spirit Expo

Dates: October 14-15 2017

The expo features more than what we can say here or in a program. However, among what can be expected is an adventure into wellness, metaphysical, natural, mindful, sacred and spiritually relevant products and services with unique vendors that would love to share them with you and meet you. This is a hands on experience or just a look and see...We have been for many years at the Sheraton Madison Hotel. (directions)

706 John Nolen Dr Service Road, Madison, WI   (608) 251-2300 ‎ 

We invite you to explore the Sacred and the Creative spirit as well as practical focus in many of our workshops!
All attendees are proudly featured below.

This page reflects our fall October show. There is still vendor/exhibitor space available.
Many exhibitors return from previous shows and exhibit. New talent join us as well. This gives each show both a familiar as well as a fresh feel attracting returning and new attendees and customers for a warm tapestry of grace for which we are grateful.

Theme: Empowering Service with Grace and Gratitude

These words offer a deep resonance and are used in providing loving kindness with holistic care and wellness especially in these desparate times. There has been a powerful science and research effort adding to the wisdom of the ancient practicess of Gratitude. Mindful service is what we are about. Natural wellness services and product lines and those that promote and promise to deliver them as well as deep healing care for those in need is what this show is about. Grace inspires gratitude. Empowering means owning and loving what you do so you can discharge your services with great depth and generosity. Gratitude comes from a mastery of all that goes into who you are and what you are about and can deliver from a place of mindful self-Awareness and confidence. Having done so, be grateful.

 We wish to go deeper assist you in so doing as well. So I say we are already whole and complete as we are and are on a quest to discover our wholeness and activate our awareness such that we are able to grasp and utilize all that we are for the greater good. This is the premise of this EXPO and I welcome you to join us in that noble cause for your benefit. If you benefit, we all benefit.

Admission to our show is just $5 as 20% as a partial benefit goes locally to: AGRACE HospiceCare and Porchlight Homeless Shelter, local nonprofit service organizations; Giving back to the community.  Giving attracts Abundance and fosters Transformation 

Watch your emails from us. For further inquiry, leave us suggestions or register to our elist: Email us: kenadiring@gmail.com 

Presenting a rich intimate, receptive Inspiration Ballroom of Exhibits with folks warmly inviting and ready to serve YOU with an array of: Arts & Crafts, Products, Services, Healers, Wellness Coaches, Personal Growth, Psychic & Intuitive Arts, Aura Photography, Awesome Teachers and Consultants and more.  We invite and welcome you to visit this show!

Schedule a reading in advance: Call Karen or Ken: 608-256-0080 or 608-444-3039

Advance appointments, help ensure your time with a particular Psychic Consultant. We aim to provide one of the finest shows in Wisconsin of this kind, open up your mind, a great place to personally experience variations of transformative opportunities.

Many of our talented intuitive psychic readers charge $100 and more per hour; here you will receive our show price and choose from several great readers/consultants. Available is a 15 minute+ sampling though brief every minute counts reading or a longer 30 minute+ or longer reading. Our fees have remained reasonable for our show events: $25 for 15+ minutes or $45 for 30+ minutes, $65 for 45+ minutes, $80/hour.

Our Psychic and Intuitive Arts Team for this show is alphbetically as follows: 

Advance appointments are recommended Call 608-256-0080 to assure your best time with your favorite Psychic! 
See below for informed decision. Take a couple deeb breaths, tune into your intuition and choose; each is unique with some similarities.

Dawn Hohlfeld: 608-373-4609 Janesville, WI Clairvoyant, CNBT, cardimancy (palmistry), tarot, energy master. Email: morningstar6869@yahoo.com  

Carolyn Leverich: 608-450-0590 Oxford, WI Wonewok Spiritualist Camp Trained Psychic Medium, Angel Card Reader, Animal Communicator, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Empathic Psychic-Home Clearings and Blessings-Angel Artist-Life Coach- Instructor–Home and Phone readings Had unique abilities since childhood. carolynleverich@gmail.com 

Jen Milhans-Gerow: 920-634-4296 Green Bay, WI Wonewok Trained Psychic Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient third generation medium; Her readings and healings are from the heart very accurate amazing and beneficial and she wants to help. readings in person and Phone readings. Email: jenmilhans@gmail.com  

  DeEtte Ranae,: 608-352-5944 is a psychic medium, medical intuitive and a teacher of psychic and mediumship development, from Wisconsin. DeEtte was born knowing spirit. She spent her childhood listening to spirit and simply knowing things. 

In 2005, DeEtte began studying energy and became a reiki master/teacher. She found a love of helping those with illness live a more enjoyable life and for others, a return to health.
She has spent the past 10 years developing her own style – broadening from physical healing to body, mind, and spirit. 
In 2013, She moved to the North Woods of Wisconsin and began a spiritual journey of healing and growth. She transformed her life through her studies of psychic and mediumship. She found a love of working with spirit and became certified in advanced psychic and advanced mediumship through LWISSD.
You can follow her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DeEtteRanaePsychicMedium/ 

Ken-Adi Ring, DM:  608-444-3039: Madison, WI Psychic Voyager Tarot for your transformational jouney, clairvoyant, clairsentient, body centered psychometry, graphology (hand writing analysis), Celtic Runes and I-Ching divination. Production CEO of Tri-Unity Events for 38 years. Email: kenadiring@gmail.com, Web site:  www.wellife.org 

Susan Shinn  608-217-1267 Psychic, Expanded Angel Tarot; Clair sentient, Clairaudient, Reiki Master Healer. Email: Susan@harmonymetaphysical.com

Carol Swanson, CANCELED Due TO Illness, She Sends her regrets and DeEtte Ranae comes recommended in her place for this event.

Nea Williams: 309-373-0848  Viola, IL  Psychic medium, channel, psychometry, energy seeing, reading, clairvoyant, clairsentient, Reiki Master.

Kari Chapman: 920.648.3580 As a Psychic Reader, Kari sessions are extremely accurate in accessing the Akashic Records. Kari is a Channel for Arch Angel Michael, and clairvoyant. She is one of our special vendor and reader combinations marketing sponsors. See FaceBook.  Note: Call Kari in advance if you can to get your ideal time, or she schedules her appointments from her vendor table, too at 'Namaste Retreat Center' in the Exhibit Hall. Calling her at her number above in advance is the better option or you can E-Mail: kari@namaste-wi.com Namaste's Web site is: www.namaste-wi.com 

Arts & Crafts Vendors, Wellness Consultants, Healthcare Advocates, Coaches, Crystals Jewelry, Books, Spitritual lore etc. representing our show: All of our staff; psychics and intuitive artists, exhibitors, healers, vendors represent some of the best in the Midwest. The Wellife MBS EXPO seeks to provide for you with YOU in mind...
Thank you in advance for your participation!

Access Consciousness: Ana Marcela Kyngesburye; 608-512-7072 Pranic Healing, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioners, Spiritual Response Therapy. Our goal is to give you healing access that provides more clarity, insight, relaxation and empowerment.  Email: marslara@gmail.com

ADIO Chiropractic: Dr Eric Kurzinski 608-824-0950 At ADIO Chiropractic our goal is to help you become the best version of yourself. We want to help your body function optimally so that you can enjoy life to the fullest each day. The human body is designed to be self-healing and self-regulating but occasionally it needs tweaking and an adjustiment in the right direction. Welcome Dr. Eric to Madison by visiting him and seeing his unique style of wellness approaches to structure, stability and movement. Email: Dr.eric@adiowi.com

Amazing Balance through Energy: Karen Foxgrover, 608-255-7728  Zero Point Global Wellness Consultant. Karen guides you to transformational energy frequency tools for health and well-being; bringing your body into balance. SEE her AT THE DOOR or throughout the exhibit hall; Karen is our Amazing Office Assistant and Event Manager  Email: mediate@chorus.net 

Arbonne International: Laura Connor 608-347-8149 Amazing Skin Care, Cosmetics, Nutrition; Arbonne International has evolved pure safe and beneficial products since 1980. Health and beauty products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness, of Swiss Heritatage, Made in America; Email: lauraconnor@myarbonne.com 

Aura Photography: Virginia (Gini) Fedrowitz 715-453-5132 Aura Photos Taken of You by Gini can be accompanied by amazingly accurate Readings. She will reveal to you how you are doing now based on your Aura and chakra energy fields and give you a broad stroke of where you might be headed and your options, what you can do about it.; "My clients get a 4x6 aura photo and I e-mail them a detailed 20 page report. I go over the report with them and they also get a chakra report included. We go over both the aura and chakras in the 1/2 hour sitting I am with them; all this for $50." Email: gfedrowitz@ymail.com 

Centre for Health & Well Being LLC: Diane Kahler and her staff; 608-845-5647: Young Living Essential Oils and Elixirs for physical, mental and emotional health & wellbeing. Intuitive Massage & Bodywork. Young Living Business opportunity available. Double booth, plenty for all. Email: softtissuehealth@aol.com

Choose Conscious Living: Barry Kerr, SA 608-345-2470. Barry is a soul-based astrologer & certified life/relationship coach. Kristine Gay, MS, LCSW 608-345-3552  Kristine is an intuitive, licensed psychotherapist and spiritual guide, offering an alternative to traditional talk therapy. Barry has over 30 years’ experience, extensive training in soul-guided healing of the mind, body, heart and spiritual energy systems. Together or separately, they offer transformational healing, coaching, therapy and astrology services. Email: asabovebarry@yahoo.com Visit www.ChooseConsciousLiving.com

Divine Reiki, LLC: Kristine Harris 608-515-4098 Reiki Master Practitioner – Usui Skiki Ryoho Lineage-Certified Reiki levels I II IIIa (Master Practitioner) Doreen Virtue Trained Certified Angel Card Reader.  Email kristine@divinereiki.net, Website: www.divinereiki.net
Eckankar: Anne Wynne, devoted Eck staff and volunteers: 608.220.4791 Religion of the Light and Sound of GOD. Ancient Spiritual Teachings for Modern times with sound current of HU, a dominant teaching of Eckankar the world over. Email: eannewynne@yahoo.com

Golden Light Healing, LLC Amy and David Wilinski 920-609-8277 Retreat Center near Green Bay WI offering training in Shamanism, Mediumship and Reiki along with spiritual adventure trips to exotic destinations. We have available hand crafted drums, rattles, smudging supplies, Peruvian textiles and jewelry. Email: goldenlighthealing@bayland.net Web Sites:  www.GoldenLightHealing.netwww.ShamansShopAndDrums.com
Insight For Health and Healing ~ Tina Mancusi, MSSW, 608-658-7640;; Tina is a gifted Healer and Channel, Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium and Angel Card Reader; she offers sessions via Phone, Skype and In Person. Tina will be offering Show Specials: Draw a single Angel Card for $5, get $5 off a 30 min session. 30 min Session are $50, 15 min Session are $30. Session choices: Messages from Your Angels, Angelic Healing Sessions, Past Life Regressions, Medical Intuitive and Mediumship Readings. All appointments made at and services conducted at Insight for Health and Healing exhibitor's booth. Gift Certificates for one hour sessions will be available for $111, limited quantity available. Visit Tina's booth and Register to win a FREE Session! 608-658-7640Tina@insightforhealthandhealing.com or www.tinamancusi.com

KARING Hypnosis & Massage: Ken-Adi Ring, CH, CI, LMT; 608-256-0080, World Class Service with Compassion. Private sessions tailored to your Issues. Improve yourself, treatment for obesity, smoking and addictions, relieve stress, tension, anxiety pain, phobias, sleep disorders & sexual dysfunction. Improve your Life, focus and learning abilities. Hypnotherapy includes NLP, Parts Therapy & Regression techniques, accessing & freeing you from deep trauma & PTSD.  
KARing Professional World Class Hypnosis Trainings: Become a Hypnotherapist 100 Hour training Approved By National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) with NGH Certificate, full one year membership and library access and amenities; see else in this website; There is room in our April-June 2016 Training. E-mail: kenadiring@gmail.com

L'Bri Pure n' Natural: Beth Thierfelder 262-894-8945 Suzy McCoy and Crystal Johannsen will gladly serve you while Beth recovers from her BRCA 2 surgery adventure. Prayers are gladly accepted. L'Bri is Aloe based natural skin care, beauty and health products can keep you aglow with rejuvenating life! You are invited to visit Suzy or Crystal and Pamper yourself and be pampered.  Email: bethlbri@gmail.com 

Namaste Healing Center Of Wisconsin:Rev. Kari Chapman 920.648.3580. Medium, visionary teacher, motivational speaker, author, Kari is a channel for Arch Angel Michael. She has a booth display of sacred and healing books, and her own published books, specialty crystals, tuning forks, divine angelic healing templates and angel items. She’ll do her Akashic Record readings and healings both days in her room. KISS: Keeping it Simple and Sacred. E-Mail: kari@namaste-wi.com  Visit her Web Site: www.namaste-wi.com Kari will be available for the following PRIVATE SESSIONS in her ROOM.
Please book your sessions ASAP to guarantee a time, she has been booked solid both days the last few events. 920-648-3580

Natural Awakenings Magazine: Donald Beran-608-721-2254; Publisher: South Central Wisconsin Branch of this national Magazine focusing on local to global sustainability featuring Nutrition, fitness, organic living, wellness, animal wellness and herbal, environmental, world ecological, and community balance. Articles are drawn from nationally known and local writers and sustainable businesses and service care providers. Advertize with them! Email: Publisher@awakemadison.com
Web: Awakemadison.com
Nerium International: Sue Moreland 608-345-1315 All Natural Skin Care and Brain and Neuropathways Supplement Skin is the largest Organ and the Brain Most important; care for them and feed them well. Email: sumo1@charter.net
OMARS Touch Therapy: Omar Nelson; 608.658.6718: Widely known energy worker with unique healing vibrations, special release he refers to as his Einstein method, Omar integrates point holding, Massage, Reiki energy work, and many modalities. He travels throughout the USA.  Email:  omar@omarstouch.com , Web site: www.omarstouch.com   

Share International Midwest: The Emergence of Maitreya, The World Teacher  Imagine a world free of war, poverty and injustice. Where sharing and cooperation prevail and the needs of all are met. There is new hope on the horizon for humanity. The World Teacher with the Masters of Wisdom have come to guide us out of chaos into justice and peace for all. Volunteer Ellen Turgasen will be sharing this information along with members of the Madison Transmission Meditation groups.
Contact Ellen: 608 255 9355  Email: eturgasen@gmail.com  Web Site: www.share-international.us/mw

Shelo Nabel Luis Riefkohl 608-695-5841 Healthy and beauty products Health and Beauty at your fingertips. At SHELO NABEL we put all our passion and responsibility into getting nature on your side with innovative formulas from natural extracts which helps protect the environment today and for future generations.  Email: larf75usa2002@hotmail.com

Spir Chemy: Peggy Johnson 608-212-4553; Peggy is a Reiki Master/Teacher, she uses chakra balance, Dowsing & Pendulum, Radionics, Specialized Kinnesiology/muscle testing & selling Pendulums Crystal Frequency Amulets, Dousing Rods, Triads Tensor Rings and Orgonite Email: pjohnson@spirchemy.com

Tri-Unity Wellife Associates LLC Ken-Adi Ring, LMT & Sally R Ring, LMT: 608.256.0080 Offer great, Sensitive Massage Therapy. Deep, thorough precision massage therapy specialty is available with Ken-Adi. Therapeutic touch and Reiki Energy Healing Treatments, Quantum Touch and Coaching are available. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Ken not only treats, he teaches and offers classes and attunements. Email: kenadiring@gmail.com  NOTE: Ken-Adi is the longest practicing Massage Therapist in Wisconsin celebrating over 40 years. Awesome work, Deep yet Gentle as you like it in your service Ken provides gentle, light touch and/or deeply precise to reach and remove pain, dysfunction and blocks to loves healing presence within you and your body/mind. Adi is a transformational mindful healer & Hypnotist.

We’re grateful for the services of our fine, local, and nationally known Authors, Speaker and Consultants:    

Lecture/Presentations: Saturday - Sunday, October 14-15 10AM to 6PM Finalizing and UPDATING WORKSHOP canges completed by September 27, 2017 Please have your work in to us. Remind us of incongruencies and we will fix them.  NOTE:  The following schedule subject to some revision as becomes necessary.

Weekend Opening Ceremony Saturday

9:45 AM: Special Blessing Circle Sound Current Prayer Ritual, Meditation: 
Calling in the spirits to assist & bless us with Grace and Gratitude, presence for the guidance & abundance that is ever with us, we gather in circle with Kari Chapman, Ken-Adi, and all who wish will participate…

10:00 AM. Doors Open and the Show begins...
Saturday Presentations: Adjustments may be made... Announcing:
We are having our first (Primara) Workshop (en espanol) in Spanish 3PM this day-
Saturday Oct 15 Invite your Spanish Speaking friends. See 3pm on schedule
11 AM Soul-based Astrology - with Barry Kerr & Kristine Gay: Using beginner’s language and explaining terminology, astrologer Barry Kerr (and psychotherapist Kristine Gay) discuss how your astrological birth chart reveals your soul’s life purpose and why you chose your life circumstances: body, parents, span style-siblings, early childhood wounding, relationships, career(s) and healing path. We'll share our experiences as energy healers, therapist, life and transformation coaches in using astrology as one tool to help clients heal, grow and transform their lives. 

NOTE: If you have a copy of your astrology birth chart, bring it for the above session. If time, we'll use it to give you a taste of how planetary configurations reflect your life and consciousness.

Noon: Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom Ellen Turgasen will discuss WHY the Emergence is happening at this time in world history, WHAT we can expect as Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom step forward, and HOW we can actively participate both individually and collectively in this momentous time. Discover more about this extraordinary event and why the future is, indeed, bright!  Web Site: www.share-international.us/mw

1 PM Kari Chapman Presents: What is "The Great Awakening of 2017 and Beyond, the NEW Protocol for the New Consciousness and the New Mother Earth "?  The New Energy for the New Consciousness for our Healing, the New Mother Earth. How does Gratitude and Grace affect the new year.  The New Frequencies we ALL need going into 2018 and Beyond. 

Find out from Saturn Command and Spiritual Hierarchy what will be required, the new Protocol, for ALL Healers and Intuits starting in 2017. What is the NEW Mother Earth?  How is the awareness and consciousness awakening? Learn about the amendments being made on soul contracts. Kari brings through messages from Archangel Michael & Ascended Masters on what THEY want to share with you on our Future for 2017 & 2018.  Open Q & A.  Bring pencil and paper you may want to take notes. 

Kari will be available for the following PRIVATE SESSIONS in her ROOM. Please book your sessions ASAP to guarantee a time, she has been booked solid both days the last few events. 920-648-3580, kari@namaste-wi.com,  www.namaste-wi.com

2 PM Revelations on the 7 Chakras and Kundalini with Ken-Adi Ring: Explore the seven chakras their powers and the sacred dance of the goddess Kundalini, we'll hone in on the Heart chakra as Gateway between lower and upper wheels of light gratitude and Grace. Ancient Wisdom of sounds merging with breath, we will introduce techniques and the science of Chakra energies including a Heart Chakra crystal bowl sound current attunement. This knowledge and understanding opens to Compassion may guide us to our own access to Grace. 

3 PM  Meditación de la Bondad Amorosa Con Marcela Kyngesburye 
Esta meditación guiada nos ayuda a sanar relaciones, a sentirnos mejor, a practicar el perdón y a disfrutar de beneficios en nuestra vida cotidiana.  Une corazón y mente en un acto de buena voluntad y compasión hacia uno mismo y hacia el otro.  Remueve juicios, deja ir el sentimiento de aislamiento, nos acompaña a caminar de la indiferencia hacia el entendimiento, y a crear relaciones interpersonales armoniosas. 
    Recientemente se han realizado varios trabajos de investigación que han dado como resultado múltiples beneficios de practicar la Bondad Amorosa: BIENESTAR: Incrementa las emociones positivas, los sentimientos de conección y disminuye las emociones negativas.  SANACIÓN: Disminuye migrañas, dolores crónicos, desórdenes en el espectro de la esquizofrenia.  INTELIGENCIA EMOCIONAL EN EL CEREBRO: Activa la empatía y los procesos emocionales en el cerebro, incrementa el volumen de la masa gris.  RESPUESTA HACIA EL ESTRÉS: Incrementa la habilidad para entrar en un estado de relajación y restauración, disminuye el proceso de envejecimiento.    VÍNCULO SOCIAL: Te hace una persona más servicial, incrementa la compasión, la empatía, la conección social y disminuye los prejuicios hacia otros.  AMOR PROPIO: incrementa la autovaloración y disminuye la autocrítica.  IMPACTO INMEDIATO Y DE LARGO PLAZO: Es efectiva aún en pequeñas dosis y tiene un impacto de larga duración.  

Marcela Kyngesburye se encuentra activamente aprendiendo y compartiendo herramientas que nos permiten liberarnos de limitaciones, crear posibilidades y generar cambios positivos.  Vivenciando Ser, surge de la combinación única en su trayectoria como ingeniera, maestra y sanadora que se han fusionado para manifestar cualidades amorosas, que revelan bienestar hacia los demás y el mundo.  Qué pasaría si todo llegará a nosotros con facilidad, alegría  y gran abundancia? Estaríamos listos para recibir?  

Vivenciando Ser Las Barras de Access Consciousness, Sanación Pránica, Terapia de Respuesta Espiritual, Terapia Craneosacral, Técnica Aromatouch , Aceites Esenciales doTerra, Esencias Florales, Lectura de Cartas, Astrología Maya, Meditación de Corazones Gemelos, Atención Plena, Trabajo de Velo.  

English Translation of the above: Remove judgment, let the feeling of isolation go, walk from indifference to understanding of grace and create caring connections.  This guided meditation will help us heal relationships, feel better, practice forgiveness and enjoy the benefits in our daily life!  Unite your heart and mind in an act of goodwill and compassion to yourself and others. 

A lot of research has been done lately and the impacts keep adding up.  Some examples of the results of practicing Loving Kindness are: WELL-BEING: Increases positive emotions, feelings of social connection & decreases negative emotions HEALING: Decreases migraines, chronic pain, PTSD, schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE BRAIN: Activates empathy & emotional processing in the brain, increases gray matter volume. THE STRESS RESPONSE: Increases your ability to enter a relaxing and restorative state, slows aging.  SOCIAL CONNECTION: Makes you a more helpful person, increases compassion, empathy, social connection, decreases your bias towards others. SELF-LOVE: Curbs self-criticism IMMEDIATE & LONG-TERM IMPACT: Is effective even in small doses and has long-term impact. 

In Gratitude: Marcela Kyngesburye is actively engaged in learning and sharing tools that allow us to be free from limitations, create possibilities and generate positive changes. Experiencing Being, comes out of her engineering, teaching and healing backgrounds which have merged to bring about a unique combination of observation skills, curiosity and interest for people and the world. What would happen if everything would come to us easily, happily and with great abundance?  Are you ready to receive? 

4 to 5:30 PM   Atlantis. Lemuria and Mu: Ancient civilizations based on the feminine principles of grace and peace. Don't miss this PowerPoint Presentation with Dr. Steve Spyrison: Going back to the mother continent Mu- 3 vastly ancient civilizations that were based on feminine principles grace and peace and which existed for hundreds of thousands of years. We will look at the historical and literature evidence of these civilizations from Plato, to archeological, mythical, and etymological (word origins) sources and impact on pacific rim; Japan, Asia, India and world civilizations today.   PowerPoint with time for questions, group discussion and dialogue. New and time honored data from ancient times relevant to todays world.


9:45 am: Special Blessing Ritual, calling in a sense of presence and gratitude for the guidance and abundance that is ever with us: Ken-Adi Ring, Kari Chapman, others & all who wish will participate.

11 AM Introduction to Svaroopa Yoga and Essential oils: with Young Living expert Diane Kahler; Enhance your morning with us wonderfully: Experience this unique guided body awareness after inhaling frankincense.  You will be guided through this experiential body scan through powerful breathing techniques; this exercise slows and calms your internal speedometer.  Some (chair or floor) sitting & standing poses to release your lumbar and tailbone & of course essential oils to enhance your experience. Namaste.  

NOON: Tina Mancusi  presents: UNCOVERING INTUTION Do you find yourself taking the brick vs. the feather approach in life?  Come join Tina as she gives her presentation: Uncovering Intuition, where she will talk about how developing intuition help one gain better insight into life's experiences. All participants will receive a discount for a reading at her booth and for her upcoming Uncovering Intuition Program. Visit Tina's booth: Insight for Health and Healing where she is offering Angelic Healing Sessions, Readings, Channeled Messages, Past Life Regressions, Mediumship and Medical Intuitive Readings. www.TinaMancusi.

1 PM Mindfulness Meditation In Loving Kindness and Freedom From Pain and Sufering with International Speaker Ken-Adi Ring: In two Practice meditations including one with a singing bowl; discover the key to calming your mind and experience bliss and happiness. It is not as hard as you think! Learn techniques to still the mind using the power of breath, sacred sound with singing bowl and sensation. Anyone can learn to the control the mind. Key simple techniques, watching the breath in a unique manner can change your attitude and empower your focus. This is a powerful tool to helping your everyday activities and reducing and releasing anxiety. Your breath is your ally, a powerful yet subtle tool, a crisis buster. This simple tool can bridge mind, body and spirit embracing and empowering Wholeness. 

NOTE: Much research has been done recently and the impacts are evident. Examples of the results of practicing Loving Kindness are: WELL-BEING: Increases positive emotions, feelings of social connection & decreases negative emotions HEALING: Decreases migraines, chronic pain, PTSD, schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE IN THE BRAIN: Activates empathy & emotional processing in the brain, increases and affects plasticity. STRESS RESPONSE: Increases your ability to enter a relaxing and restorative state, slows aging.  SOCIAL CONNECTION: Makes you a more helpful person, increases compassion, empathy, social connection, decreases your bias towards others. SELF-LOVE: Curbs self-criticism IMMEDIATE & LONG-TERM IMPACT: Is effective even in small doses and has long-term impact. 

2 PM ECKANKAR WORKSHOP "INNER GUIDANCE": Presented by ECKANKAR;  Looking for answers, guidance, protection? Help can come as a nudge, a dream, a vision, or a quiet voice within you. In this workshop we will explore new ways to connect with the ever present guidance of ECK, the Holy Spirit. Learn to listen to the voice of God and work with an inner guide. Learn a spiritual exercise and receive a FREE BOOKLET.

3 PM You Can Have It All presentation with OMAR: It's amazing how much we learn over the years to help us Shift Our Lives for the better. We'll address: a) How to release SHTG - Stagnant, Heavy Tension Energy from all your 100 trillion cells, b) So you recharge with SLRE - Spiritual Love Reiki Energy more then 14,000 times a day - everywhere we touch during your session, c) Summarize a life-shifting book, The Plant Paradox. Please combine these three see whether your health doesn't take a huge leap forward.




Free Introduction To Hypnosis, Special segments of interpretation New Discoveries and research redefine the uses and empowerment of the Hypnosis. New evidence how effective it is and use of Self Hypnosis that can impact changes in Brain Plasticity. Look ahead for free offerings and full workshops and trainings. 
Learn To Become a change agent as a Professional Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist; Free introduction to Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis and How self-hypnosis can work for you. We'll show how you can use Hypnotherapy as a part time or full time source of income serving others!  FREE group meetings Mondays/Thursdays, call for dates; 608-444-3039 Email: kenadiring@gmail.com


Course Dates: Winter/Spring Weekends; February/March and April/May-2018 Dates may be available. Interested please call.
NOTE: Global Climate Change is the most serious problem facing us. We're the largest contributing factor and as such are a threat to all life on this precious planet called earth. This is a call to action to save our lives, our environment, our atmosphere.

As we become ever more aware and vigilant of those with the illusion of power knowing this 'power' is very much market driven, yet even the 'almighty dollar' is at risk; we must support those who expose the 'special interests groups’ and those who promote false, 'Fake' news and that create discord in our nation and the world at large.  

It's our duty as Global Citizens to unite for change and support the 'public citizens: watchdogs, WikiLeaks, whistleblowers, such as Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange: referred to by many as 'our new heroes!" If we don't support some of these risk takers that are willing to expose the truth at great mortal personal risk who will?

About Being Presidential?! Who are they kidding!? The Trump/Pence/Bannon team is frightening! Oh yes they are still a team.
This is the most psychotic, scariest and most irreverent "psycle" of appointments and firings and is even a threat to our Psyche!   Trump is not only a moron, he is out of his mind! I have never experienced such in my 70 years on this Mother Earth. I am grateful for the sanity and light of Bernie Sander, Al Frankin, Gabby Griffith, and some republicans too  and others challenging him. It has spoken for average citizens this for a political revolution is necessary or we will have a worse revolution to come. A social work Professor emeritus friend/client of mine says "TRUMP is a 'classic text book' Narssissist"

We need to transform everything from power grabbing big money oligarchy direction in which we are headed to a social democracy for which we are in need; We are at a turning point and at risk from the ecological disturbance of global climate change to the challenge of providing good health care and free education for everyone. Let’s support it and get it done. Bernie has given a big contribution to history and I feel we are ready for the change of which he speaks.

Support our unions and progressive candidates for public representation! For they represent the working and middle class peoples of the world. The Union remains one of the strongest and only collective sources of power 'WE the PEOPLE' have as a dwindling middle class and growing poorer class voice. We are fighting the good fight against what a Famous Republican President, the late, Dwight D Eisenhower, referred to as The Military Industrial Complex. We include Big Oil, Big Pharma/Big Medical, Bankers/Wall Street, Big Insurance etc. and other special interests that seek to fill their pockets at our mass expense; robbing the poor and middle class and giving to the rich, filling their coffers to over flowing and controlling the masses.

Thank you for your attention here AND for attending our show and participating with us. 
We wish you well on your journey.


The light within me honors and is grateful for the Light that is within you. 
We’re all part of one all-pervading complete and blessed whole. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.