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 Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Winter/Spring
 In life these days there are often trying times for some
yet we encourage you to continue in forgiveness of what's past.
Do what you must in these troubled times, however, practice some restraint. 
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Achieve Results: Real Change For Real People!

Ken-Adi Ring, LMT-Certified Hypnotist, (CH), and Instructor, (CI), Licensed Massage Therapist, Wellness Consultant/Coach, Mr. Ring utilises and makes available or presents Transformational Tools for Life issues bringing harmony, healing and ballance where needed Since 1975. 

Relief from pain, stress and anxiety, Stop Smoking ~ Lose Weight ~ Sleep Disorders and Much More ~ Please SEE Below
For Personal One On One or In Seminars/Workshop Environment.

Professional Sessions Customized to Your Needs, and Learn Self Hypnosis, Hypnosis Treatment Sessions For Many Kinds of Issues Such as the following: 

  • Quit Smoking or Smoking Sesation
  • Weight Loss, and Keep it off
  • Enhance Creative & Intuitive Abilities
  • Improve Study Habits
  • Performance: Sports Marathon or Triathlon to Golf and Football
  • Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Addictions-Relapse Prevention
  • Insomnia & Sleep Disorders
  • Enhance Creativity
  • Trauma/Pain Relief
  • Self Esteem, Confidence Building
  • Free Up Stress, Anxiety
  • Fight Fatigue and Insomnia
  • Gain Focus and Concentration
  • Fear of Medical Procedures
  • Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia and other Phobias, Anxiety Issues
  • What Ever issues you have we can access them together and help you release or correct them for life enhancing results
  • Success ratio is high and response is good. Ken-Adi Ring's record for success with clients is proven. Call or email if you have any questions.  
    It is up to you!  608-256-0080 or kenadiring@gmail.com
    Individual Rates: 
    • Initial Private Sessions for Success are $175 first visit, abour 1.5 to 2 hours. 
      $125 thereafter when a 3 pack is chosen Second & third sessions 1-1.5 hrs
    • A 3 pack is recommended and is $425, save $100 or 5 Pack $675 best (save  $200)
      Packages are a recommended value for long standing deep seated issues response and addiction or troublesome patterns relief. 
  • Group Seminars--Dates regularly Announced: 

    Monthly Night Class (may resume)

     Madison 7pm
  • up to a 2 Hour session
  • Quit Smoking - Lose Weight for Good Group Sessions
  • $85, $70 in Advance, Hire Me for your next corporate or inservice group.
    Here's why:
  • Motivation! Motivation! Motivation! Transformation is a state of mind with powerful morale lifting results!!  Quit Smoking for good, incentives to lose weight & more
  • A Terrific Support System; State of the Art Hypnosis Scripting & Suggestive Counsel 
  • Lose Weight & Keep It Off
  • $85 person $70 if paid in Advance
  • Recomend Call or Email To Register
  • $15 OFF if you register & pay In Advance 608-256-0080 Email-kenadiring@gmail.com

  • Follow-up private sessions are available: 
    Studies show that even one follow-up session helps deepen the effect! Even though a group experience can often be successful; One on One Sessions are very supportive as a follow-up as well as a first contact.

 Information Call ~ 608.256.0080  Cell: 608-444-3039

Ken-Adi Ring, CH, CI, LMT, Director of services
National Guild Certified Hypnotherapist Since 2003
Member International Association of Councelos and Therapists
Professional Sessions Customized to Your Needs, Also Learn Self Hypnosis!
We also offer Corporate, Academic / School, and In-Service Events:
  • Groups, Seminars
  • Business Events
  • Social Gatherings and
  • Stage Hypnosis Events for Hire
Please call 608-256-0080 or E-mail kenadiring@gmail.com to plan your event or sessions.  We accept CC or check. 

Hypnotherapy Goals:

To reach your goals your hypnotist welcomes you to what you really desire and helps you attain a committed outcome. An informative Pre Talk introduction is followed by a deep relaxation and induction.  Scripted trance states tailored to your issue is combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), anchoring for the desired results along with other cutting edge techniques will round out the session.   

For more information read Mr. Ring's article KARING HYPNOTHERAPY
on the History and Contemporary Use of Hypnosis In March 2012 issue of Natures Pathways.

Interested registration in future NGH Certification Course
(see Below) Explore how a training in hypnosis can
advance your life, and your service to others, family,
friends, community, clients and other associations.

Sheraton Hotel and Our Offices Training Room and our new Lake Retreat Center

Looking for a part or full time Career Opportunity?  Or Even a New and Enhanced Skill Set!
'Earn A Rewarding Living While Improving the living of others'

It works! Learn and Earn What ever your talents avail, $60 to $100/Hr to start.  
Hypnotists make a good living improving the living of others; $125 and more per Hour for experienced practicioners.
It works for quiting Smoking and Weight Loss, unresonable fears, sleep and sexual disorders, creativity, mental aquity, sports performance and more...

Become a National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
Certified Hypnotherapist or Consulting Hypnotist!

Course Includes Study Materials, Special Tutorial Manuals Cds and DVDs
National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Professional Certificate,
and a Full 1st Year Membership into the NGH upon completion.

100 Hour Course: Fall - Winter: 75 in Class Hours Plus

25 Hrs Independent Study Program = 100+ Hrs

Professional Mentoring for up to five sessions Optional

Registration is now open for our FAll October November Program

Apply now for NGH Certified Training Intensive Program; We are Taking Registration for Fall 2017.  
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Or contact:

Ken-Adi Ring CH, CI NGH Certified Instructor, Register over the phone: 608-256-0080 or Cell 608-444-3039 Email: kenadiring@gmail.com

Brief BIO: Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and International Association of Councilors and Therapists, (IACT) Mr. Ring is a Certified Hypnotherapist (CH) and First and only Madison/Beaver Dam, WI Certified Instructor (CI). Senior Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMT) Practitioner/Instructor and Certified Yoga/Meditation Instructor and Consultant. He is a 20 Year veteran member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), Ken has maintained a thriving professional practice since 1975. A Reiki Master, he is trained in multiple disciplines, events promoter and author and brings all this and more to his class and practice. Ken-Adi Ring has traveled and taught internationally.

For more information contact Ken or Karen at 608-256-0080, Cell: 608-444-3039  or
E-Mail: kenadiring@gmail.com  

See: NGH Certified TRAINING COURSE Content NEXT 

Training In Hypnotherapy as a part or full time career

NGH Certified TRAINING COURSE Basic Content:
Levels: 1, 2. A. & B. & 3 = 75 In Class Hrs Objectives
25 HR Indipendent Study Practicum


OBJECTIVE: Gain a understanding of what hypnosis is in order to create raport with clients and establish safety and information screening prior to the hypnosis session. Master suggestibility tests for screening and have the skills to induce and deepen the level of hypnosis and administer properly worded suggestions.

· The History of Hypnosis
· Defining Hypnosis: Theories about and the nature of hypnosis.
· Types of Hypnosis
· Dangers of Hypnosis, Misconceptions and Myths
· Use of The Breath and Relaxation Techniques
· Uses of Hypnosis
· Empathy, Ethics and Transference
· Signs of Hypnosis, Hypnotic Phenomena
· The Hypnotic Environment and Use of Specific Aids
· Qualifications of the Hypnotist
· The Hypnotic Process - Contraindications of Hypnosis Client
· Determining Susceptibility & Suggestibility Testing
· Inducing Hypnosis: Various induction techniques,
· Deepening Techniques & Depth Testing
· Working with and span style= Creating Scripts
·The Body of the Hypnosis Session: Intake Preparing and giving suggestions, direct and indirect approaches,
use of visualization and power drives, eliciting information and memory recall, post hypnotic suggestions.
· Preparing a Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Program
· Dealing with Resistance and Abreactions
· Hypnosis and the Law: Legalities and Ethics


OBJECTIVE: Gain a thorough understanding of suggestions and techniques, working with scripts, to help clients
overcome a variety of issues, achieve their goals or improve various areas of their lives.

· Ideomotor Responses
· Common Causes of Emotional Difficulty & Illness
· Questioning the Subconscious Mind
· How to Conduct an Actual Hypnosis Session: From A to Z

· Introduction to Regression
· Anchoring
· Working with Groups
· Hypnosis for Habit Elimination: Smoking, Nail biting, Teeth grinding, Procrastination.
· Using Hypnosis for: Stress, Self Image, Self-confidence, Weight loss, Memory and concentration.
· Improving Sports Performance
· Overcoming Fears and Phobias
· Health, Healing, and Pain Control
· De-Hypnotizing and Suggestion Removal


OBJECTIVE: Gain a thorough understanding of advanced methods and techniques to help clients
overcome mental blocks and issues, achieve their goals or improve various areas of their life.

· Progression and Projection Techniques
· Age Regressions
· Dream Therapy
· Working with Children
· Pregnancy and Childbirth
· Sexual Dysfunction
· Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnosis

BUSINESS & MARKETING (MKT-04)  Extra Credit Additional Day, tba.

OBJECTIVE: Gain knowledge in setting up and running a business.
Marketing and  advertising for best results.

· Advertising & Free Publicity
· Location and Space
· Referrals & Networking
· Marketing Yourself
· Running an Efficient & Effective Business

LAB consists of hypnosis practice sessions conducted by students on each other during class hours as part of the In Class 70-75 Hours

INDEPENDENT STUDY consists some research and study of materials, reading extra credit and practice
sessions done outside of class with volunteers from the people you know or general public willing subjects for your practice. 
Then sharing your experiences in class. 
Approximately 25-30 or Hours.

MENTORING consists of One On One Support Program with Instructor; Optional at a premium for those interested?