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  http://www.visionsandvoices.weebly.com             This is Ivan Berry's Web site. He and many others on this links page are my personal friends or a business associate or both which he is. Please
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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Awesome Hand Crafted Jewelry designs with highly metaphysical and spiritual themes and intentions. 


Please check out Janice Puta's Web site and see the incredible healing and consulting miracles she can share with you.

A Joyous Weekend Event To Touch Your Heart & Soul. An Incredible Gathering of Speakers and Attendees Like No Other June10-13, 2011 in Chicago, and November in Phoenix, AR


Dawn DuCharme one of our best readers and teachers has helped many a soul on the journey

Sacred Alignments, Elisheba (Katherine Rebholz) is internationally recognized as a gifted psychic medium, and vedic astrologer. She can help you to navigate the rocky shoals of life and make wise decisions that will support your highest good. 

Psychic Intuitive Consultant, Reiki Master,  Hypnotherapist, Awesome teacher and guide

Psychic and Intuitive Consultant Extraordinaire


Please join our efforts to communicate, educate and empower each other in the awakening of a new wave paradigm of sacredly honoring our Mother Goddess, Women the Guardians of Water


DavidPaul and Candace Doyle, authors of The Voice for Love, teach step-by-step how to hear God's Voice within as described in A Course in Miracles. Their nonprofit organization, The Voice for Love Foundation, also provides a number of prayer request resources including the most comprehensive serenity prayer page on the Internet.

www.namaste-wi.com Rev. Kari Chapman is the steward of the Namaste Healing Center of Wisconsin, a federal 501C3 tax exempt spiritual education organization, at which she is the founder. A center for all levels of consciousness, a safe and sacred space and place  for spiritual growth, understanding and healing.
http://www.celiaonline.com/ Celia (Farran) is a multifaceted entertainer and recording artist.  She is a cross between an Earthy Enya, Tori Amos and Gilda Radner!  Red-headed Renaissance Woman, Celia is a Singer/Songwriter, Actress,  Storyteller who has perfected the magic of combining the silly and the sacred. Celia's opening performance for Marianne Williamson was outstanding, and engaging. She performs for happy audiences throughout the USA and other exotic lands.
www.werecokingnow.org We're Cooking Now explores how cooking, food, and eating can be used to enhance personal growth and community development. Agency director, Rafe Montello, is a personal and team development educator and coach who uses cooking classes, adult learning techniques, public demonstrations, and an engaging style to bring people to a higher level of performance.
www.unleashedminds.com Sharon Elaine is author of the Book Of Affirmations. Queensef's Forums
The Unleashed Minds! (Metaphysical/Spiritual/Unlimited Thinking)
The Unleashed Minds is a place where free souls can communicate on all topics of metaphysics, spirituality, unlimited and positive thinking. We respect one another's opinions and feelings on this board, yet all opinions, lovingly expressed, are welcomed.

Interfaith Awareness Site

Spiritual and Religious Services and Special Events in the Madison Area, All Faiths and Beliefs 

www.3eqfengshui.com Equilibrium: Energy Work and Feng Shui Creating Balance & Harmony at Home and in the Workplace. Angelic Energy Healing.
www.maureenstgermain.com Maureen St. Germain leads workshops in personal development and spiritual awakening. As a seeker she shares the knowledge she has gained from twenty five years of study of ancient truths.
http://www.smilingbuddha.net Samyakajiva - quality spiritual altars for meditation and prayer.
http://danenet.danenet.org/mainlink Madison Area Interfaith Network is a vast network variety of spiritual callings both intra, inter and nondenominational as well as multicultural and global in it's outreach and definition.
http://www.unityofmadison.org The Unity Church of Madison is a Gracious and loving Spiritual community of like minded souls for which the more "traditional" kinds of Christian ministries fall short or do not respond. This heartfelt community provides/offers forward, interactive and progressive thinking revitalizing a unique blend of ancient knowledge and ground breaking paradigms with a soft and gentle and fun loving celebratory embrace of the truth.
http://www.mkp.org ManKind Project: Is Men's Empowerment and Support Group serving the world community of men, Fathers, Sons, Brothers and those that love them.
www.miraclesone.org "Miracles in Madison" meets in the home of Revs. Paul & Deborah Phelps in Madison, WI. It was brought into being to provide a peaceful and loving atmosphere where spiritual growth is supported, uplifted and challenged through the focus of study of the spiritual text, A Course in Miracles (ACIM). Available: Sunday ACIM Meditation Circle, Monday Study Circle, Spiritual Cinema, & more
www.aquaessenceresource.org A resource for the ethical treatment of water and all carriers of the most valued resource on our planet. Co-Sponsor Of Dr. Masaru Emoto In two cities including Madison November 3, 2006





The True Power of Water: The Collaboration between Sound, Intention & Water
N.Y. Times Best selling Author Dr. Masaru Emoto

- Masaru Emoto's International Seminars Include Twin Cities & Madison, WI
- The effect word, music and prayer has on water
- Practical everyday uses for the healing power of water

http://www.CounselingSource.com Counseling Source "Mastering Dreams From Your Heart" Counseling Source provides incredibly insightful and life enhancing services through telephone sessions, local in-person sessions and workshops. Experience the perceptive wisdom we provide through all of our unique holistic services: Astrology Consultations & Reports, Intuition Development, Holistic Business Development, and Holistic Life Counseling.


Spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning is medically verifiable!

- What was common knowledge in all the advanced civilisations through the ages
- what famous doctors of modern medicine (Paracelsus, Hahnemann...) put to use
- what science has been able to confirm through some basic discoveries:

http://www.safestonline.com Insurance Fraud Detection

Encourage your insurance Company to contact SAFEST and fight insurance fraud. The average family pays $1000 or more extra in insurance premiums per year due to fraud.   You are the real victim of fraud.  Support Our Local High Tech Businesses.


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